Monday, May 24, 2010

How did I end up with so much paper?

Well, my scrapbooking room is in massive disarray, or at least it was.  I decided to tackle organizing it a bit last night, not really sure what got into me.  In doing so, I realized that I have acquired way too much paper.  (BTW, I mentioned this to my boyfriend, who promptly replied, "well, that's no surprise, every time you go to the store you buy some." Okay, so maybe I have an addiction of sorts then.) 

I was able to organize all of my DCWV stacks into a plastic box, patterned paper in the front, solid cardstock in the back - that felt productive!  Yet, I still have several piles of scraps, but they are pretty scraps, so I don't want to toss them (yes, yes, hoarder alert). So they've been sitting in the scrap pile for at least a year and I haven't touched them, what are the odds I'll actually use them?  Well my co-worker, who also crafts, had a great idea: force myself to use no new paper, just the scraps.  And that's the plan!  One of these days, I'm going to sit down, spread the entire box of scraps out on the floor and go to town making cards, whatever doesn't get used by the end of that time goes in the trash (I promise!).  So stay tuned for the results of my scrap-extravaganza!   (And, btw, if you need any paper let me know!)

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