Monday, August 9, 2010

Remind me why I paint rooms...

It seems that every time I paint a room, I remember what a chore it really is and how long it actually takes.  So much so, that I never want to paint again.  But then a few weeks or months or even years go by and I forget my disdain for painting and I am right back in there, brush in hand.

Well, Sherwin Williams had a 40% off sale on Saturday, which I could not pass up.  I love Sherwin Williams paint, it is a far superior quality to what you get at a big box store.  But that quality also comes at a hefty price, so when you see a 40% off sale, you jump on it! 

I've been staring at my living and dining rooms walls for the past month, loving the color one minute, hating it the next.  These rooms are a mystery to me, depending on the light and time of the day, the walls (which are a dark yellowish green) either look more blue or more yellow.  The worst part about the color is that when the sun goes down it is extremely dark in there.  (The dark flooring doesn't help that much, either.)

So, I decided to lighten the green up (yep, I painted over one green with a different green). My townhouse has an open layout, so the living room and dining room don't have a full wall of separation, but just columns.  I wanted to make the spaces feel more distinctive, but to still flow, so I've decided to keep the previous green on the lower 1/3rd of the wall in the dining room and repaint the entire living room and the top 2/3rds of the dining room with a lighter color.  Once that's done I'll install chair rail between the two colors in the dining room.  I chose a pretty color called "Clary Sage" and it goes well with the current dark green. 

Painting in progress
I have a coat of paint up so far, which took me just about 6 hours by myself.  Hopefully this week I'll muster the motivation to finish the 2nd coat.  I hate having furniture misplaced so I'm sure it'll get done soon so that all can go back to normal!

Check back soon for the final "After" pictures when I get the chair rail in place and some stuff on the walls!

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