Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hello Fall!

This being my first year in my own home, I don't have a lot of seasonal decor, but I've slowly been creating some to fill the void.  I think at this point my poor boyfriend has had enough of me spending hours in craft/decor stores just wandering the aisles looking for inspiration to strike me.  Sometimes I have an idea in mind before I get there (those trips are notably shorter), but lately I've been going shopping with a clear mind and letting the store's stock guide/inspire me.  (Besides, nothing is worse than having an idea and not being able to find the items to create it anywhere!)

Well, on a recent foray into a local home decor store, I found a cute iron pumpkin candle holder that I knew would look great in the middle of our dining room table.  So, I scoured for a candle ring to add a little something to make it a true centerpiece, unfortunately the selection was lacking.  There was, however, a vast array of silk florals - some better than others.  After about 30 minutes of picking through the flowers, I decided on some gold berry picks, a bouquet of these gorgeous rust orange flowers and berry bunches in an autumnal palette. 

Back at home, I spent about an hour weaving the pieces together to form an ellipse rather than just a ring for some added appeal. When I was done, the boyfriend questioned, "How did you know how much of each that you'd need?"  If you've ever watched Project Runway you'll know the quintessential Tim Gunn phrase "Make it work!"  That tends to be what happens, though I can usually gauge things pretty well, if I happen to be off, I'll figure out a solution.  I added a flameless candle and voila!  The piece cost me about $20 in total, including the candle.

Next on the list was something for our front door.  I've seen a lot of wreaths at the store, but nothing I was truly in love with, so in typical Megan-style, I set out to create my own.  I ran to one of my favorite local craft stores after work one day and picked up a few things.  (I apparently have a fascination with gold berry picks, this was the second time I picked them up!)

This piece took me about two hours, sitting at the dining room table weaving leaves and gold berries through the wire star form.  Despite it taking a bit longer and my hands being scratched up from the wire, I was pretty pleased with the result. For a focal point, I added a large cream colored flower to the bottom right.  Total cost: approximately $8.


 I could still probably use 2-3 more pieces of fall decor, but with needing to get some regular decor done and some art on the walls, these two pieces will have to do for now.


Anonymous said...

Our trick--buy the basics and stuff you really like now. Wait until the day after the holiday and buy the bulk decorations.

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